By Sean Reynolds

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The chests and hampers hold her personal effects. The buffet and cabinet hold elegant eating utensils, jars of spirituous liquors, tableware, etc. A coffer on the low chest between the divans has a poison gas trap (fills the whole area) and contains a scroll of three spells (gate, unholy word, restoration). A coffer near her bed contains six potions (poison,fire giant control, human control, philter of love, polymorph self, philter of persuasiveness). Beside her bed on a small table are an ewer, basin, and goblet made from lapislazuli (each is worth 5,000 gp).

Patrol (two fire giants and two hell hounds). Drow watchers (75% chance to pass the party unseen): one fighter/mage (F7/M6) and three assistants (FZ), all armed and equipped with typical drow gear. 1. Cavern: Three ropers (HD 12, hp 60; HD 11,hp 48; HD 10, hp 39) dwell here and conceal themselves amongst the nahlral stalagmite formations. They will be 75% likely to wait until prey is towards the center of the area before attacking. Each has one gem (worth 100 gp) per Hit Die in its internal digestive organ.

Same chance to hit as a fire giant, 2d6 damage each. 17,300 gp. 10. Arsenal Complex: Two fire giant guards (hp X0,76) are always at the ready here. If summoned or attacked, they fetch the chimera from area 11if they can. Each has a spear, sword, and three throwing rocks at hand. Torches provide them with light and a bench a place to sit down. Chest #5 None, but locked. Trap: Contents: Empty. 30 loa. West Arsenal: This wing contains thirty huge swords, two ballista, forty-four spears, eighteen throwing hammers, six maces, nine greataxes, and a quantity of giant-sized throwing boulders.

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Against The Giants: The Liberation Of Geoff (AD&D Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 25th Anniversary adventure) by Sean Reynolds

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