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D. across each separate resistor. Denote the single resistor which is equivalent to the branched arrangement by R, then since I= VIR, v v v v v -=-+-+-+R R R R R4 1 3 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 -=-+-+-+R R R R R4 3 Or, in general, with n resistors in parallel 1 1 1 1 -=-+-+ ... Ef (;) 53 of sum the to In words, the reciprocal of the total resistance is equal the reciprocals of the branch resistances. The current in each branch in terms of the total current is determined as follows: V=lR=hR 1 /1 =(R/ R1)I ELECTRIC CIRCUITS and similarly with 12 , 12 etc.

6c shows two parallel plates, one of which has a hole in the middle. There is now an extension of the electric field through the hole, the field invading the space above the hole. Suppose that a negative probe charge is placed at a point such as P. It will be acted on by a force whose direction is tangential to the line of force through P and in opposition to the direction of the line of force itself. Thus, if free to move the negative probe charge will approach the axis. A practical application of this phenomenon is given in chapter 18.

62 J and so on. These lines are called equipotential energy lines. The vertical distance between two points, such as P and Q will give the difference of potential energy between P and Q. 62 J We see that the potential of a body at any particular place is the work done in moving it from some reference position of zero potential to that place. In the gravitational case the reference position is the Earth's surface because the gravitational force is always one of attraction. Now consider the electric field due, say, to a positively charged sphere.

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