By Douglas Niles

ISBN-10: 0786959703

ISBN-13: 9780786959709

During this, the sequel to "Darkwalker on Moonshae", the Moonshae isles are below the specter of sinister forces. A council of darkish sorcerers has usurped the excessive King. The druid Robyn and the Prince Tristan needs to sign up for forces with the Goddess for a showdown with the scary black wizards.

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Ahead of you, 20 to 30 feet away, flows a river. It appears to be quite wide: you cannot see the opposite shore. Exploring the river bank will reveal that the river indeed runs to either end of the cavern room, and then goes underground as the high ceiling (90’ at its highest points) curves down to seal off the room. A party exploring the near side of the river will also find two snug little caverns going about 20 feet into the hilly, stony terrain on which they are walking. These caverns are located at Rl and R2.

One sheet of parchment contains the following verse: Past the doors you cannot find, Down the steps you cannot climb, And across the River of Nothingness You’ll find your way. Beware the marksman and his prey. Shun the royal brides! Then find the place I lie in eternal feast! Past glories I despise; The light of vengeance fills my eye. Treasure I give my servant dragon, Guardian loyal of this, my reborn feeding lair. The brass bed is worth 2,000 gp. On the desk are two gold candlesticks worth 100 gp each.

There are three such levers. ” Lowering the lever in the center causes an arrow of slaying, thieves to be fired from door B directly at the back of any character at the altar. This arrow will automatically hit for 1-6+3 points of damage and will kill any thief who fails to save vs. Spells. This trap may be detected using the normal means of detecting traps or magical detections. There is no treasure in this room other than the items mentioned on the clerics present. 12. CHAMBER OF THE BRIDES OF SAKATHA This horribly dark, round chamber contains a hideous sight: four coffins with their lids barely cracked open are arranged in an even pattern around a fifth in the center of the room.

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Black Wizards (Forgotten Realms: The Moonshae Trilogy, Book 2) by Douglas Niles

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