By James Lowder

ISBN-10: 0880389087

ISBN-13: 9780880389082

Deciding on up from the place Dragonwall left off, the booklet sheds gentle at the Cormyrean king, masterminding after which top the campaign within the safeguard of the total continent following the invasion of jap Faerun, Ashanath, Rashemen, and Thesk, through Khahan Yamun and the Tuigan horsemen.

Whereas Horselords appears to be like on the tale from the viewpoint of Koja and the Tuigan, and Dragonwall seems to be on the continuation of a similar tale from the perspective of basic Batu and the Shou Lung, campaign is written from King Azoun's and in this case the West's perspective.

In addition, there are parallel tales operating: the king's relatives with Alusair, his estranged daughter, and the adventures of John Razor, a fletcher from Suzail, as he's taking half within the campaign.

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Two hulking, reptilian creatures rise from the water near the middle of the room, and three smaller figures swim around them. Perception Check: DC 23: The water isn’t stagnant. It ripples and froths at the base of the stairs. Tactics The blackscale lizardfolk focus their attacks on a single defender character. They stay near the center pipe mouth and use their greatclub attacks to push foes other than the object of their attention into the pipe and away to where the other lizardfolk can deal with them.

As soon as the blackscale bruisers engage characters in melee, it uses swamp’s grasp in the area where the characters and bruisers are fighting, including its allies in the burst if necessary. It then uses bog cloud as often as it can to hurt and daze as many enemies as it can catch in the burst, though it’s content to affect just a single target if doing so means reducing the threat of a PC striker or controller for a round. If it is seriously threatened, it swims into a water pipe to escape, using Athletics to try to avoid the negative effects of the trap, and makes a Stealth check to hide underwater near the other end of the pipe.

Any armor or weapons taken from the pit disappear once they are carried beyond this area. They eventually return to the pit thanks to the magic of the pyramid. Alcove: Four severed heads (H) hang on pegs in the northeastern alcove. These heads include a male shadarkai, a male orc, a female human, and a male human. Each head looks as though it was freshly removed from its corpse only moments ago. A sack hangs from the fifth peg. It’s about the same size as the heads, and seems to hold some kind of sphereshaped object.

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Crusade (Forgotten Realms: The Empires Trilogy, Book 3) by James Lowder

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