By Jim Pinto

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The eye gains the use of two detection spells twice per day, each equivalent to spells of one-half the user's level, if the DM chooses to customize them in this manner. 1602 Eye of Vecna of Vecna XP Value: 14,000 GP Value: 70,000 Eldritch Wizardry It is said, though not in the hearing of strangers, that when the mighty lich, Vecna, finally met his doom, one of his eyes survived along with his hand. The eye may or may not have originally belonged to Vecna—it is said to glitter much the same as a cat's eye.

Yet other eyes are actually dislodged from unfortunate creatures; their magic is activated when they are placed in the empty eye socket of the user. Mixing eye types is certain to cause immediate insanity for 2d4 turns. Once this time has passed the character can (and should) remove one of the magical lenses. of Accuracy XP Value: 200 GP Value: 500 The Ruins of Undermountain This flat, coin-sized piece of polished human bone is shaped like a staring eye. Its back bears a single word inscription, a command word (typically "Larth").

They increase vision 100 times more than normal at distances 1-foot or more (the wearer can see at 2,000 feet what would normally be seen at 20 feet). Wearing only one of the pair causes a character to become dizzy and, in effect, stunned, for one round. After that, one eye must always be covered to avoid vertigo. penalty, the second with -2, the third with -3, etc. A failed saving throw forces the user to choose and begin to actively pursue one of the routes to immortality forsaking all other activities.

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