By Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams, Sean K. Reynolds, Rob Heinsoo

ISBN-10: 8882880389

ISBN-13: 9788882880385

Benvenuti su Faerun, una terra di magia straordinaria, mostri terrificanti, antiche rovine e meraviglie nascoste. Il mondo è cambiato, dopo los angeles Piaga degli Incantesimi, e da questo arcano crogiuolo sono emersi regni scintillanti, imperi tirannici, possenti eroi e dungeon infestati dai mostri. L'ambientazione di Forgotten nation-states presenta un mondo di inenarrate avventure, una terra di migliaia di storie plasmate dalle imprese degli avventurieri dei quali Faerun non ha mai visto eguali. Questo prodotto contain tutto ciò di cui ha bisogno un Dungeon grasp in keeping with creare una campagna di D&D nell'ambientazione di Forgotten geographical regions, così come tutti gli elementi che il DM può incorporare nelle sue altre campagne di D&D.

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Not every hero, after all, has equal ability to tell a good story. The character should roll a Wisdom ability check; all characters other than bards, gypsies, or other natural storytellers make the roll at a -4 penalty. Especially inept storytellers might suffer an even greater penalty, as determined by the Dungeon Master and the nature of the ending being written. As soon as the heroes defeat the dragon, he crashes to the ground with tremendous impact. The force throws the characters into the air and threatens to shatter the mountain.

Although slick with blood, the object appears to be none other than the magical dagger that they are trapped within. As soon as someone touches the dagger, Marble screams. Her unnatural, bone-chilling wail seems unaffected by the blood pouring from her throat and mouth. Depending on the reaction of the players and their characters, the Dungeon Master may require fear checks. A second or so later, Marble falls silent again. Her agonies have come to an end. She is dead. At the same time, however, the character holding the knife falls victim to a horrible magical charm, Each round that he handles the weapon, he must make a saving throw vs.

I am doing nothing. " This is all staged, of course, a ploy meant to win the sympathy of the party. The Enchanted Ruby Even as Maleffluent's final words are spoken, the shadowy image fades away and the heroes are left alone again. Where the darkness stood, however, a glowing ruby hangs in the air. It is oddly cut, having seven sides. This, of course, is the enchanted ruby for this area. As soon as one of the heroes claims the gem, five glowing shapes rise from the ground around them. These look exactly like the monoliths, save that they appear to be made of nothing but white light.

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Forgotten Realms - Faerun by Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams, Sean K. Reynolds, Rob Heinsoo

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