By Dominique Janicaud

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"Philosophy has come to an finish" claimed Heidegger within the ultimate posthumously released interview he granted to Der Spiegel. The objective of Janicaud's chapters ("Overcoming Metaphysics?," "Heideggeriana," "Metamorphosis of the Undecidable," and the discussion "Heidegger in New York") to begin with is to elucidate the venture of "overcoming" metaphysics, a venture that Heidegger himself well-known as open to innumerable misunderstandings. Is it relatively attainable to surmount metaphysics, now not through transgressing it, yet via a sufferer elucidation of its key thoughts? within the attempt to underscore the originality of his personal company, does not Heidegger are likely to venture too harsh a dichotomy among the forgetfulness of Being and its actual recollection? by way of elevating those questions, Janicaud means that Heidegger himself doesn't elude the objections that he directs towards the good metaphysical thinkers.

The ultimate recourse to discussion in the middle of twentieth-century New York--a panorama deliberately "different" from one expectedly Heideggerian--intends to trace at one other chance than the indefinite deconstruction of metaphysical texts. It indicates new methods for considerate meditation and a brand new forged for action.

At the guts of the booklet, Mattei conjures up the "Heideggerian Chiasmus or the Setting-apart of Philosophy." via an inquiry into the main Heideggerian texts produced among 1935 and 1969 and encouraged by means of Holderlin's poetry, Mattei steadily detects the cosmic determine of the Geviert, the preliminary Fourfold the place "earth and sky, the divine ones and the mortals" assemble. any such neighborhood, whose which means Heidegger is the one one to decipher in our occasions, silently conforms to an archaic philosophy. The cosmic online game of the Geviert additionally conjures up, for Heidegger, the trail of the Tao within the chinese language culture. during this epoch characterised via the destruction of ontology, the 2 paths within which East and West meet could provide us moderns the wish at some point of "dwelling" on this planet.

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Twenty years after the publication of Sein und Zeit, Heidegger claimed that the treatise "set out" to prepare the "overcoming" (WBGM, 209) of metaphysics. Let us concede this. Yet, many years went by before Heidegger could appreciate the novelty of his own thought with respect to metaphysics as a whole. And nothing assures us that he ever reached a formulation that satisfied him entirely. It seems that the expression "overcoming of metaphysics" can be taken objectively or subjectively, in the sense of a dual genitive.

In order to move up from metaphysics toward its hidden source, we have the gift-giving Ereignis, which is time's fourth dimension. The "overcoming" itself never ceases being invoked and reserved (similarly, Being is both required and crossed out). " It is paramount to understand that this "overcoming" must always be accompanied with a question mark. Such ambiguous, and almost taboo, punctuation ruffles presence and causes wonderment. The question mark is a tease to the reader: "Has everything been thought in the foundation of Being within reason?

We have already gone too far downstream in the logic of the essence, to a point where identity and difference become general determinations of reflection, where Being has already been subjected to the common rule. Let us make our way upstream, to Being itself. It is concerning Being that Heidegger raises the question of the difference, for he does not intend to substitute a priori the ontological difference for difference in general. To think difference as such amounts to thinking the different of difference (and of all other differences) in the case of the difference between Being and beingsspecifically in this case (that displays the transitive character of Being, which is not simply the Being of beings, but is beings).

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