By Henry A. Resing and Charles G. Wade (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841203199

ISBN-13: 9780841203198

ISBN-10: 0841203423

ISBN-13: 9780841203426

content material: ESR reports of spin probes in anisotropic media / Jack H. Freed --
Measurements of self-diffusion in colloidal platforms by way of magnetic-field-gradient, spin-echo equipment / John E. Tanner --
size of diffusional water permeability of mobilephone membranes utilizing NMR with out addition of paramagnetic ions / D.G. Stout and R.M. Cotts --
Adsorption phenomena in zeolites as studied via nuclear magnetic resonance / H. Pfeifer --
DMR learn of soap-water interfaces / J. Charvolin and B. Mély --
Chemical elements of the hydrophobic/hydrophilic interface by way of nuclear magnetic resonance equipment / L.W. Reeves, F.Y. Fujiwara, and M. Suzuki --
Quadrupolar echo deuteron magnetic resonance spectroscopy in ordered hydrocarbon chains / J.H. Davis, K.R. Jeffrey, M. Bloom, M.I. Valic, and T.P. Higgs --
Self-diffusion in lyotropic liquid crystals measured by means of NMR / Gordon J.T. Tiddy and Ethna Everiss --
constitution of water and hydrogen bonding on clays studied via ⁷Li and ¹H NMR / J. Conard --
Orientation and mobility of hydrated steel ions in layer lattice silicates / T.J. Pinnavaia --
Characterization of the small-port mordenite adsorption websites through carbon-13 NMR / M.D. Sefcik, Jacob Schaefer, and E.O. Stejskal --
Use of nitroxide spin probes in ESR experiences of adsorbed molecules on solvated layer silicates / M.B. McBride --
ESR experiences of radicals adsorbed on zeolite / J. Sohma and M. Shiotani --
fresh growth in semiconductor floor stories by means of EPR / D. Haneman --
Paramagnetic defects within the floor quarter of processed silicon / Philip J. Caplan --
NMR reports of oil shales and similar fabrics / F.P. Miknis and D.A. Netzel --
at the mobility of benzene and cyclohexane adsorbed on graphitized carbon black / B. Boddenberg and J.A. Moreno --
Quantitative electron spin resonance experiences of chemical reactions of steel impregnated activated charcoal / Raymond A. Mackay, Edward J. Poziomek, and Richard P. Barrett --
NMR reviews of ³He on a porous heterogeneous adsorbent at low temperatures / Douglas F. Brewer --
Magnetic resonance reviews of thorium oxide catalysts / Wallace S. Brey, Benjamin W. Martin, Burton H. Davis, and Richard B. Gammage --
An NMR examine of floor complexes below the stipulations of speedy trade among physisorbed and chemisorbed molecules / V. Yu. Borovkov, G.M. Zhidomirov, and V.B. Kazansky --
a few functions of excessive answer NMR to the learn of gas-solid interactions. 1, Chemical shift of nuclei at good surfaces ; 2, Chemisorption of hydrogen on oxide-supported platinum / J.L. Bonardet, L.C. Menorval, and J. Fraissard --
The NMR examine of proton trade among adsorbed species and oxides and silicates surfaces / J.J. Fripiat --
Use of excessive solution reliable country NMR suggestions for the research of adsorbed species / R.W. Vaughan, L.B. Schreiber, and J.A. Schwarz --
NMR experiences of water and ammonia contained in the cubooctahedra of alternative zeolite constructions / W.D. Basler --
Mössbauer stories of ferrous-A zeolite / Lovat V.C. Rees --
Structural and kinetic reviews of lattice atoms, exchangeable cations, and adsorbed molecules within the man made aluminosilicate, Y zeolite / Edward E. Genser --
NMR investigations at the habit of water in starches / H. Lechert and H.J. Hennig --
NMR leisure in polysaccharide gels and movies / S. Ablett, P.J. Lillford, S.M.A. Baghdadi, and W. Derbyshire --
Ions of quadrupolar nuclei as NMR probes of charged surfaces / Robbe C. Lyon, Jürgen Weckesser, and James A. Magnuson --
The NMR quadrupole splitting strategy for learning ion binding in liquid crystals / Göran Lindblom, Håkan Wennerström, and Björn Lindman --
An method of the quantitative learn of inner motions in proteins through measurements of longitudinal rest instances and nuclear Overhauser improvements in proton decoupled carbon-13 NMR spectra / Stanley J. Opella, Donald J. Nelson, and Oleg Jardetzky --
Sodium-23 NMR as a explore for self-association of a guanosine nucleotide / Agnès Paris and Pierre Laszlo --
organic purposes of spin trade / Alec D. Keith and Wallace Snipes --
excessive answer NMR stories of micellar options / John R. Hansen and Roy C. Mast --
Use of nuclear magnetic resonance options to review nonionic surfactant micelles and combined micelles with phospholipids / Edward A. Dennis and Anthony A. Ribeiro --
The binding of manganese to photoreceptor membranes / N. Zumbulyadis, T. Wydrzynski, and P.G. Schmidt --
NMR reports on chloroplast membranes / T. Wydrzynski, Govindjee, N. Zumbulyadis, P.G. Schmidt, and H.S. Gutowsky --
Hyperfine prompted splitting of loose solute nuclear magnetic resonances in small phospholipid vesicle arrangements / Adela Chrzeszczyk, Arnold Wishnia, and Charles S. Springer, Jr. --
Motions of water in organic structures / I.D. Kuntz, Jr., A. Zipp, and T.L. James --
Cytoplasmic viscosity / Frederick Sachs --
Bounds on certain water : transverse and rotating body NMR leisure in muscular tissues / H.A. Resing, A.N. Garroway, and K.R. Foster.

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Henry A. Resing and Charles G. Wade (Eds.)'s Magnetic Resonance in Colloid and Interface Science PDF

Content material: ESR stories of spin probes in anisotropic media / Jack H. Freed -- Measurements of self-diffusion in colloidal platforms by means of magnetic-field-gradient, spin-echo tools / John E. Tanner -- dimension of diffusional water permeability of phone membranes utilizing NMR with no addition of paramagnetic ions / D.

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Moll, R. E. and Baldeschwieler, J. , paper presented at the 8th Experimental NMR Conference, 2-4 March 1967, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. 30 MAGNETIC RESONANCE 47. Murday, J . S. and Cotts, R. , J . Chem. Phys. (1970) 53, 4724. 48. Murday, J . S. and Cotts, R. , Z. Naturforsch. (1971) 26a, 85. 49. Krueger, G. J . , Z. Naturforsch. (1971) 26a, 94. 50. Loewenberg, L. , Ζ. Naturforsch. (1967) 22a, 2077. 51. Tanner, J . , Macromolecules (1971) 4, 748.

Diffusion perpendicular to the 1ayers was resolvable into a f a s t , time-independent component and a slow time-dependent component. On the basis of known structural Information they ascribed the fast component to water in macroscopic cracks, and the slow component to water In microscopic pores consisting of regions of buckling and dislocation of the 1ayers. Pore sizes calculated from the time dependence of the diffusion coefficients were in semiquantitative agreement with sizes estimated from previous work.

Phys. , (1973) 23, 345.

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