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Who could not use a number of new monsters of their online game? Monster guide V is the latest quantity within the best-selling Monster guide line. This D&D complement offers an absolutely illustrated hoard of recent monsters, in addition to ready-to-play adaptations of formerly current monsters. moreover, this complement positive aspects maps of monster lairs, pattern encounters, and strategies sections to aid Dungeon Masters run the extra complicated creatures. also, many entries include information regarding the place monsters are inclined to seem within the Forgotten nation-states and Eberron compaign settings.

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Ecology Strange creatures with stranger diets, madness muses are a race bred from the twisted mind of the Unspeakable One. They have one purpose, to consume the thoughts and imagination of mortals. Drawn to the most creative types, they pretend to be lovers or friends to get close. Once their victim accepts them, they use their madness touch to fill the individual’s mind with strange and wonderful visions, on which the muse psychically feeds. Physical Characteristics A typical madness muse stands just under seven feet tall and weighs 150 pounds.

Henceforth, it spends its time caressing and stroking its victim, inspiring the confusion of insanity. These creatures are deeply interested in the cultures of humanoid races, particularly in the arts. They may spend hours picking apart a painting, or humming, in a tuneless way, a song they’ve heard. They ape dance moves, stumble through poetry, and generally mangle whatever catches their interest. Always, the madness muse destroys the creation, through their efforts to reproduce it or their curious interest to see how it was made.

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