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The organ was in a state of perfect cleanliness. The patient said that he had never injected water into the urethral canal, that formerly when attacked by blennorrhagia he had made medicinal injections, but that since his cure (three months previously) he had not done so Finally, Yatzenko et al. (1934) described a case from the Ukraine in a six-year-old boy, and opined that the eggs had probably been laid on a dirty sheet in the bed. Distribution Musca domestica is one of the examples demonstrating a cosmopolitan distribution, and how it has evolved.

Desvoidy (p. 42) The habits of the larvae are greatly varied. Many feed on living plants, others develop in decomposing organic matter and some are carnivorous, but only relatively few have become adapted to an obligatory parasitism. With respect to myiasis, members of the family Muscidae are of much less importance than those of the Calliphoridae. Musca Linnaeus (p. 31) Media of wing broadly rounded at its bend, or more or less straight..................... 5 4 (3) 5 (8) Media of wing broadly rounded at its bend, arista with long hairs (Fig.

They are surrounded by a weakly-sclerotized peritremal ring, and each have three oval apertures. The cephaloskeleton is similar to that of other muscoid families and has a pair of strong sub-quadrate labial sclerites with a stout and almost straight hook. Furthermore, a pair of oral sclerites is developed. Ventrally the segments have broad patches of spinules; on the dorsal surface several rows of denticles are present anteriorly on segment 10. Batrachomyia vicaria (Walker) Chlorops vicaria Walker, List.

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