By Fonagy, Peter; Saragnano, Gennaro; Figueira, Sérvulo A.; Freud, Sigmund; Person, Ethel Spector

ISBN-10: 1855757540

ISBN-13: 9781855757547

First offered as a casual lecture in 1907, "Creative Writers and Day-dreaming" pursues strains of inquiry: it explores the origins of having a pipe dream and its relation to the play of youngsters, and it investigates the inventive method. Following an creation by means of Ethel Spector individual, the individuals to this quantity offer commentaries on Freud's essay, explicating the twists and turns in psychoanalytic theories  Read more...

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It is, in all likelihood, the tension and energy associated with the unconscious components of the fantasy life that play a role in the intensity of some creative preoccupations and give the creative work itself its force and its specific idiosyncratic component. One can differentiate universal unconscious fantasies from particular, or idiosyncratic, ones that are directly related to the biographical events, early experience, and specific psychic realities of individual writers and artists. In fact, the manner in which the artist approaches his work, his varying preoccupation with it, his relationship to his predecessors, his expectation of what will happen to his finished product-all these can be specifically related to aspects of the personality that derive from unconscious fantasy.

Psicoanalisis, literatura y critica. Madrid: Ediciones Ciitedra. Freud, S. 1905. Three essays on the theory of sexuality. E. T 125. - - - . 1905. Jokes and their relation to the unconscious. E. 8. - - - . 1906. Psychopathic characters on the stage. E. T303. - - - . 1907. Contribution to a questionnaire on reading. E. 9:245. - - - . 1907. Prospectus for Schriften zur angewandten Seelenkunde. E. 9:248. - - - . 1907. Delusions and dreams in Jensen's Gradiva. E. 9:3. - - - . 1907. Obsessive actions and religious practices.

Alliteration, assonance, antithesis, hyperbaton, synopsis, oxymoron, and neologism took on extra significance for the material they presented for critical inquiry: language always has its reasons, and every aspect, whether manifest or implicit, constitutes a challenge. Shortly afterward, in his study of a childhood memory of Leonardo da Vinci, Freud resolutely embarked on the search for conclusions about the conflicts and enigmas of great men, using an approach based on the subtle application of the results of clinical investigation.

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On Freud's "Creative writers and day-dreaming" by Fonagy, Peter; Saragnano, Gennaro; Figueira, Sérvulo A.; Freud, Sigmund; Person, Ethel Spector

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