By Gini Graham Scott

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This is one reason why, for instance, courtesy and politeness are so famously scarce inside airports: the all-encompassing dictates of the system shear them clean off the bones of human relations in which everyone inside the system exists only for the sake of running the system efficiently. In an inhuman environment, human beings are no longer human, but rather tools of systemic efficiency. The airport itself, of course, is but a localized instance of a more general technological world system that has been laid down like a new and artificial stratum across the surface of the earth.

The survivors were rescued by the Carpathia, which arrived on the scene at approximately 4:10 that morning. Mobile City The sinking of the Titanic is the archetypal accident of the age of what I have called “Paleomodernity” or “Old Modernity,” an age which is succeeded by “Neomodernity” or “New Modernity” at around the time of World War II. Paleomodernity begins somewhere around the year 1800 with the rise of the Industrial Revolution when the burning of coal as the first fossil fuel of the Carboniferous Age began to heat up an army of steam engines whose metabolism colored the grayish skies of England a sooty dirt brown.

Bhopal and Chernobyl, taken by themselves, are accidents which threaten human life in an ontological manner. They assault the very possibility of the mode of human being-in-the-world inside cultural containers — what Peter Sloterdijk calls Anthropogenic World Islands (“You insert apes and out come humans”)2— which act as extensions of his immune system to isolate and protect him from the not-culture world that surrounds and ever threatens him with non-existence. The space shuttle disasters bring into question the possibility of his existence as an outer-earthly being (that is, in space stations and space craft located above the troposphere, not, as in the case of Katrina survivors, outside the polisphere), suggesting very strongly that such an existence is simply not 37 Part II: Disasters of Neomodernity viable.

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