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The boomcaster can project raw, destructive arcfire (Burst, Jet) or concussive force (Pummel). If engaged in melee, the tube can even be used as a club! Boomcaster (Burst, Jet, Pummel; Heavy Weapon; 2 hands, Str min d8, used as club for Str+d4 damage) Elite Builder Armor: A much-advanced version of the Builder armor, more fully covering than even plate armor. It creates an energy field that protects the wearer from environmental conditions (such as extreme heat and poisonous air), and its construction confounds any armor piercing effects.

The caster can try to shrink the area of effect to a one hundred yard radius by taking a -2 penalty to their Arcane Skill roll. By taking a -4, they can focus their attention to the area of a Large Burst Template. Some casters may call upon great magics or dire spirits to bring great, long-lasting harm to those that cross them. This goes far and above the effects of a mere Curse. The caster pits their relevant Arcane Skill against the victim’s Spirit. If the caster is successful, the victim becomes sick and might even die.

At this point, the paladin’s fate is sealed. He will die at the end of the scene. However, he gets the following immediate benefits: Note that Confusion works a little differently; it has no Duration, and the Master of Forms uses his Fighting to activate it. If he chooses to affect two targets, the roll is at -2, and it’s -4 if he tries for three targets. • Five bennies are awarded to him; they must be spent in this scene. • He will suffer no wound penalties during the scene. This Edge can be taken multiple times, adding an additional Power each time.

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