By Gary Gygax

ISBN-10: 0880380314

ISBN-13: 9780880380317

An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complex Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, specific skills, descriptiosn and random come across tables.

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VALUE: Vlll or IX/3000 or 4050 + 14/hp ' \ - The alu-demonsare theoffspring of the mating of succubi and humans. They are always female. Their base armor class is high because of their demonic heritage, and this can be increased by magical protections, including enchanted armor. Wearing only mundane protection interfereswith the intrinsic protection of alu-demons, so this is never done. If the protection is basically inferior to the normal armor class of the wearer, then onlythe magical plus isadded, but otherwise full benefit is gained.

In order to grow and mature, each nabassu must slay many humans, create evil undead, and wreak wickedness. Once hatched, each nabassu spendsa periodof time in the Abyss. Those that survive to young adulthood must come to the Prime Material Plane. This they do through an inborn ability to use psionic probability travel, even though nabassu have no psionic ability or powers otherwise. They may take others with them in this form of travel. Manyare slain in coming to the Prime Material Plane, but some few live to begin their growth.

Or itcanentwine and lifta victim, allowing him to biteor hit. Fraz-Urb’luu can,at will, use at the 20th level any one of the following powers: darkness (30-foot radius), dispel magic, polymorph others or self, hypnotic pattern, misdirection, suggestion, programmed illusion, telekinese 10,OOO gp weight, teleport, or veil. Once per day he can perform any of the following, 1 at a time per round:prismaticspray, plane shift, power word, blind. While he can gate in 1-4 Type I demons, Fraz-Urb’luu is also able to deceive another demon prince or princess into believing that he or she has been summoned, and it is 75% likely that the Prince of Deception will choose to deceive rather than gating the lesser demons.

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