By Francesco Gabrieli

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The recapture of Jerusalem, the siege of acre, the autumn of Tripoli, the impact in Baghdad of occasions in Syria; those and different happenings have been faithfully recorded via Arab historians through the centuries of the Crusades. First released in English in 1969, this book presents 'the different part' of the Holy conflict, offering the first English translation of up to date Arab accounts of the battling among Muslim and Christian.  Extracts are drawn from seventeen diversified authors encompassing a mess of resources: the final histories of the Muslim international, The chronicles of towns, areas and their dynasties Contemporary biographies and documents of famous deeds.  total, this booklet offers a sweeping and stimulating view of the Crusades visible via Arab eyes.

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Whereas Ibn al-Qalānisi limits himself to a chronological list of events, Ibn al-Athīr relates the various stages of the Crusade to the whole picture of Christian uprisings against Islām, beginning with the reconquest of Spain and the Norman invasion of Sicily. He gives the most complete and convincing, if not the most strictly factual, account of the fall of Antioch and Jerusalem, the establishment of Christian kingdoms in the Holy Land and the first Muslim attempts at retaliation. THE FRANKS SEIZE ANTIOCH (IBN AL-ATHĪR, X, 185–8) The power of the Franks first became apparent when in the year 478/1085–86 they invaded the territories of Islām and took Toledo and other parts of Andalusia, as was mentioned earlier.

The Franks themselves were forced to cut down some of the rams for fear of destroying the tower. At other times the ram would bend and break, and at other times it was smashed to pieces by two boulders roped together and flung from the walls. The Franks made several rams, which were all smashed in the same way. Each one was sixty cubits long, with a block of iron at one end weighing more than twenty pounds, and was attached to the tower with ropes. Again and again the rams were repaired and the tower brought up to the wall again.

He offered them their lives in exchange for the city, and they accepted his terms. Fakhr al-Mulk got away with his life and promises that he would be treated with respect and consideration by the Franks. Soon after this the Egyptian fleet arrived. In manpower, number of vessels and quantity of equipment and stores it was larger than any that had ever sailed from an Egyptian port. It brought enough men, money and supplies to keep Tripoli’s besiegers at bay for a year, as well as supplies for the rest of the Egyptian territories in Syria.

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