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Lavishly illustrated, this ebook offers worthwhile descriptions and diagrams for quite a few armors, guns, and barding, in addition to very important goods of garments and kit. this can be the basic quantity for the well-equipped Dungeons and Dragons personality.

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Benefit: You can gain a new paladin daily attack power of your level or lower. If you do so, this new power IUUst replace one of the dai ly attack powers you already have from your class (usually your lowestlevel daily attack power). Plundering Smite All creatures have uses, even enemies. You can exploit opponents to serve your interests-as your attack ravages a foe, your injuries begin to heal. Your strike leaves a vile bli&ht behind.. As your enemy's ener8Y ebbs, yours WOWS. Daily .. Divine, Healing, Necrotic, Shadow No Action Melee 1 Trigger: You hit an adjacent creature with an at-will weapon attack.

Level 16: Vital Strike Guild exec utioner paragon path feature In your p ursuit of a greater ability to execute your a rgets qUickly and effiC iently, one of your fie ld s of tudy is the anatomies of various types of cr eatures. You have found about more than just the natural races- you 've learned where to strike d enlOn s to in flict the most damage, wher e t he weak pOints of a ngels can be found, a nd where a n arch on's armor leaves tiny b ut dangerous gaps. Benefit: Your at-will weapon attack powers dea l ha lfda mage on a mi ss.

S for a moment brifore a veil of in"isibiliiy covers yOll Fom head ro toe. Encounter + Shadow Move Action Personal Effect: You be come invisible and move up to your speed. You remain invisible until the end of your next turn. Level 17: Shadow Coffin T hose w h o hire exec utio n ers u sually want proof of a target's death. The shadow coffin power is an applicat ion of sh adow magic that a llows the executioner to bring b ack more than just a simple token of the assassination; it retrieves the entire body of the intended t a rget .

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