By John J. Winkler

ISBN-10: 0520052404

ISBN-13: 9780520052406

Utilizing contemporary advances in literary idea, Winkler tackles the elusive which means of Apuleius's `The Golden Ass', specifically the connection among ebook and reader.

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P. Vi?. i». i02, Dal Biada, PICTS AND SCOTS of the inhabitants that they too might be suffered there to rest and plant themselves. The Scots answered that the island was not big enough to hold " them both: " but we can give you good counsel (quoth they) " what we think best for you to do. We know well there is another island not far from ours, standing eastwards from hence, which we may often see from afar in a fair sunny day. If you will go thither, you are strong enough to inhabit there at will or if there be any resistance made against you, rely on us to aid you " Whereupon the Redshanks making for Britain began to plant themselves throughout the north parts of the island, for as for the south parts the Britons had taken them up before.

This chapter is taken from Orosius passage about the stakes at the ford. vi. c. C. C. * Ships of war and transport. 22 9, except the Caesar's in- JULIUS CAESAR CHAPTER How that Gains Julius was came into Britain. c. Now the Romans had never access unto the said land of Britain nor knowledge thereof until Gaius Julius Caesar came who the 693rd year from the building of Rome but the 60th before the time of the incarnation of the Lord/ after filling the office of consul with Lucius Bibulus, at the time that he had battle against the nations of Germany and Gaul (which two countries only the river Rhine doth sever) came in the land of the Morini, whence is a very nigh and short passage into Britain, and with about 80 ships charged with warfare provision, and swift sailers, passed over into Britain where he being first tried with a very sharp and hot bickering, and after shaken by a contrary tempest, was fain to return into Gaul with the loss of a great part of his navy, and no small number of his soldiers, and of the most part of all his horsemen.

The Redshanks then (as we have said) arriving as far as Ireland in theu* navy, required : ; * Applied by Bede apparently to all the inhabitants of Ireland, but properly the tribe in Antrim. 17 THE VENERABLE BEDE petierunt in ea sibi quoque sedes et habitationem Respondebant Scotti, quia non ambos eas caperet insula: " sed possumus," inquiunt, " salubre Novimus vobis dare consilium quid agere valeatis. insulam aliam esse non procul a nostra, contra ortum solis, quam saepe lucidioribus diebus de longe aspicere solemus.

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