By David Cook

ISBN-10: 1560761539

ISBN-13: 9781560761532

Little did Teldin Moore be aware of there has been existence past Krynn's moons--until a crashed spelljamming send demolished his farm and adjusted his existence. With a demise alien's magical cloak and cryptic phrases, Teldin quick discovers that he's a well-liked fellow with killers and cutthroats.

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He practically shouted. "Wear it. Now," the stranger insisted. With her one hand, she tried to place the cloak around his neck, wincing in pain to roll free of the purple fabric. " Teldin was more puzzled than frightened by her determination. "Take it," she demanded even more urgently. "Why-no, explain why," Teldin said, refusing her, as his prudent nature asserted itself. " the woman-thing said more fiercely than before. She bared her teeth with a certain savage fury, but the fire in her eyes grew even weaker.

Its two legs were like tree trunks and its chest was as big around as the old water barrel that used to stand beside the house. The thing wore trousers and a tight-fitting blouse adorned with ribbons; the whole outfit was now badly ripped. A broad, orange sash was wrapped around its thick waist, and in it was tucked a collection of mismatched knives and a worn cutlass. As Teldin stared dumbly, the beast stumbled forward over rubble, not taking its small, dark eyes off the human. It kept one arm stiffly outstretched and pointed directly at the farmer at all times.

In the gloom of the trees the older man didn't even notice the hog-tied giff or the dead female on the ground. " Liam rattled on, grabbing Teldin gratefully by the shoulders. "I thought for sure you'd been burned to cinders. The sky's lit up clear on the other side of the ridge. When I saw it-well, that's why I came. " "I'm fine, fine," Teldin answered, almost breaking into laughter. Liam's concern was touching, almost comical after the events of the night. " Teldin burst out, grabbing his neighbor's wiry arms.

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