By Robert S. Feldman

ISBN-10: 0205805914

ISBN-13: 9780205805914

This specified and readable publication presents readers with a large evaluate of the sphere of human improvement, overlaying the total diversity of human life—from the instant of notion via death—and targeting actual, cognitive, and social and character improvement. It covers easy theories and examine findings, in addition to highlighting present functions outdoors the laboratory. A nine-part association covers beginnings, infancy: forming the principles of lifestyles, the preschool years, the center early life years, early life, early maturity, heart maturity, overdue maturity, and endings. for people spanning the variety of human existence—and attempting to maximize its present content material and inherent promise.

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Every experiment has an independent and dependent variable. Experimenters need to make sure their studies are not influenced by factors other than those they are manipulating. For this reason, they take great care to make sure that the participants in both the treatment and control groups are not aware of the purpose of the experiment (which could affect their responses or behavior) and that the experimenters do not have any influence over who is chosen for the control and treatment groups. The procedure that is used is known as random assignment.

From the perspective of a health-care provider: Do you think there are some special circumstances involving adolescents, who are not legally adults, that would justify allowing them to participate in a study without obtaining their parents’ permission? What might such circumstances involve? In the “study” conducted by Egyptian King Psamtik, two children were removed from their mothers and held in isolation in an effort to learn about the roots of language. If you found yourself thinking this was extraordinarily cruel, you are in good company.

It is important to reiterate what we noted earlier: Even if the correlation coefficient involving two variables is very strong, there is no way we can know whether one factor causes another factor to vary. It simply means that the two factors are associated with one another in a predictable way. TYPES OF CORRELATIONAL STUDIES. There are several types of correlational studies. Naturalistic observation is the observation of a naturally occurring behavior without intervention in the situation. For instance, an investigator who wishes to learn how often preschool children share toys with one another might observe a classroom over a 3-week period, recording how often the preschoolers spontaneously share with one another.

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[Chapter] Development Across the Life Span by Robert S. Feldman

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