By William A. Weber, Ronald C. Wittmann

ISBN-10: 0870813889

ISBN-13: 9780870813887

This advisor, meant either for the scholar and scientist, bargains an entire, authoritative connection with the crops of Colorado. It discusses plant geography, distinctive botanical good points of the mountain levels, basins and plains, and clarify easy terminology. attention-grabbing anecdotes and introductions are given for every plant relatives, and tricks on recognising the most important households are supplied in addition. every one quantity incorporates a entire word list, indices to universal and particular names, and 1000's of illustrations. This and its better half quantity, were considered as the main entire publications to be had and are necessary to readers attracted to Colorado's vegetation.

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Creeping plant with only slightly woody stems; leaves broadly oval; flowers in pairs, pendent from an erect stalk. Linnaea, in Caprifoliaceae, HONEYSUCKLE FAMILY 7a. [3] Leaves linear, often with smaller leaves fascicled in the axils (8) 7b. Leaves broader, not in axillary fascicles (10) 8a. [7] Leaves glabrous, appearing terete, the margins tightly revolute; flowers white; restricted to gypsum soils. Frankeniaceae 8b. Leaves densely appressed-pubescent, margins not tightly revolute; plants not gypsiferous (9) 9a.

28] Ovary with 2 parietal placentae; sepals and petals 4 each. Capparaceae, CAPER FAMILY 31b. Ovary with 3-5 parietal placentae; sepals and petals 5. Hypericaceae, ST. JOHNSWORT FAMILY 32a. [18] Plants with milky juice or stinging hairs; ovary stipitate, exserted from the cyathium. Euphorbiaceae, SPURGE FAMILY 32b. Plants without milky juice or stinging hairs (33) 33a. [32] Flower parts in 2s or 4s. Brassicaceae/Cruciferae, MUSTARD FAMILY 33b. Flower parts in 5s or numerous (34) 34a. [33] Leaves trifoliolate, acrid tasting.

Asteraceae, SUNFLOWER FAMILY 43b. Flowers not as above (44) 44a. [43] Desert shrubs with farinose pubescence. Chenopodiaceae, GOOSEFOOT FAMILY 44b. Not as above (45) 45a. [44] Leaves never with 3 prominent veins; flowers usually vase-shaped (with a very few exceptions); petals united, waxy. Ericaceae, HEATH FAMILY 45b. Not as above (46) 46a. [45] Leaves entire, elliptic or ovate, with 3 prominent veins (or, in Rhamnus, with many parallel lateral veins); stamens opposite the petals. Rhamnaceae, BUCKTHORN FAMILY 46b.

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Colorado Flora by William A. Weber, Ronald C. Wittmann

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