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In 1291, Acre became the last Christian city to Louis IX dies in Tunisia. fall. After 208 years the crusades were over. 45 Glossary amok, run To behave in a confused, uncontrolled, and disruptive way banner Flag barricaded To block off with a barricade besiege Surround a place with armed forces either to capture it or to force its people to surrender bezants Gold or silver coins originally minted at Byzantium campaign A series of military operations intended to achieve a goal, confined to a particular area, or involving a specific type of fighting caravan A group (as of merchants or pilgrims) traveling together on a long journey through desert or dangerous regions charismatic Of a charming, fascinating character which can inspire devotion in others Christian A person who believes in Jesus Christ and follows his teachings citadel A fortress, usually one on high ground above a city dynasty A succession of rulers of the same line of descent fanatic A person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause Fatimids A political and religious dynasty that dominated an empire in the Middle East in Medieval times.

I did not offer the cup to you, who has broken every oath you ever made to us. by attacking saladin’s caravans from his fortress in kerak, raynald had broken the truce and had started the war. kings have always acted this way. you are not a king… …and i am not bound by rules of hospitality… with one swift stroke saladin removed his head. 30 at the sight of raynald’s headless body, guy dropped to his knees and sobbed for mercy. oh, please! please! please! saladin withdrew his sword and reached down.

His small force of english knights, infantry, and genoese and pisan archers from italy had been assembled like lightning. 36 his christian fleet arrived off jaffa and halted. a thousand cries of “allu akbar*” echoed over a city shrouded in the smoke of war. a huge sea of saracen banners! i fear we are too few. yes, and i fear we are too late. *god is greater 37 christians who had taken refuge in the citadel called out anxiously. why don’t our forces rescue us? hey! hey! probably because they can’t see or hear us.

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