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The two units are interchangeable because we are only concerned with differences between one temperature and another. A Kelvin degree and a Celsius degree are the same size. The specific heat of a substance (also called specific heat capacity) is the heat required to change the temperature of one gram or kilogram by one degree. Specific heat has units of joules per gram-°C or joules per kilogram-°C. g. from solid to liquid), however, it absorbs or releases heat without a corresponding change in temperature.

1m Identify fundamental forces, including gravity, nuclear forces, and electromagnetic forces (magnetic and electric), and explain their roles in nature, such as the role of gravity in maintaining the structure of the universe There are four fundamental forces that control the behavior of all matter and describe all physical phenomena; gravity, weak interaction, electromagnetism, and strong interaction. Amazingly these same forces control the tiniest sub-nuclear particles, all the life forms on Earth, and the movement of all the planets in the universe.

When the spring is stretched a distance x, the restoring force exerted by the spring is expressed by Hooke’s Law F = −kx The minus sign indicates that the restoring force is always opposite in direction to the displacement. The variable k is the spring constant and measures the stiffness of the spring in N/m. PHYSICS 23 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE The period of simple harmonic motion for a Hookean spring system is dependent upon the mass (m) of the spring and the stiffness of the spring (k) and is given by T= 1 = f 1 ω 2π = 2π = 2π ω = 2π k m m k Problem: Each spring in the above diagram has a stiffness of k = 20N / m .

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