By Timothy B. Brown

ISBN-10: 1560762357

ISBN-13: 9781560762355

Create extremely high-level participant characters with this fascinating new hardbound principles complement. Dragon Kings expands the darkish solar global for great high-level characters; with it, each personality type can extend to the thirtieth point and conflict for regulate of the realm.

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Whether preservers or defilers, pecially wary audiences, such as members of the Veiled Alliance checking out a potential new mem- wizards can seldom hide their true nature in their ber, certainly disbelieve everything they see. hideaways. 52 A wizard’s hideaway, or secret place of study, is liar to their magic. Abjurers often paint runes and usually warded magically or physically, hidden and designs upon the floor, walls, and ceiling. Conjurers visited in secret. Beyond the city walls, those who inscribe wield magic are afforded a bit more tolerance, but scorched and half-destroyed.

More appear on components and begins his chant and hand motions. Verbal, somatic, and material components are all in play, but what’s really happening? What the tables that follow. Players and DMs should feel free to create others. are the sensory effects associated with casting a spell? On Athas the casting of magical spells often Visual effects: Streaks of sparkling multicolored light emerge from the vanishing material components, follow the movements of the spell’s somatics draws unwanted attention.

Their accomplishments or the burnt, charred remains of alteration magic gone awry. Specialist wizards have additional fixtures pecu- 53 54 Hamanu’s Hunter As the templars of Urik tell it, centuries ago, a templar of tremendous wisdom served King Hamanu. As a judge in the sorcerer-king’s court, Elemental Plane Earth Air the templar, Xamres, established a code of justice that still governs Urikite templars. In one case, the first son of the noble family Kronn, a youth named Rotlees, had a fondness for hunting and a blatant disregard for authority.

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Dark Sun: Dragon Kings (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition) by Timothy B. Brown

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