By Elaine Cunningham

ISBN-10: 0786929294

ISBN-13: 9780786929290

Attractive as she is lethal, Liriel Baenre flits throught the shadows of Menzoberranzan, urban of the darkish elves. Amid treachery and homicide which are the drow's day-by-day fare, she feels anything calling to her ... anything past this dusky international a long way faraway from the solar. but as she ventures towards the skin and the lands of sunshine, enemies pursue her unceasingly.

And one enemy might provide her the one wish of salvation.

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Eye of disintegration," moaned the gypsy, again shoving Teldin toward the exit. "Angry beholder, very dangerous. " A thunderous rumble nudged Teldin out of his shock and indecision. He looked up to see the pair of dracons, panic etched on their dragonlike faces, stampeding toward him. Teldin leaped for the door, but not soon enough. The dracons, the human, and the aperusa crashed through the doorway and into the alley. As he pulled himself free of the bruising tangle of tails, limbs, and splintered wood, Teldin thought that it would be a cold day in Reorx's Forge before either of the dracons told another beholder joke.

Somehow the huge aperusa also had taken refuge under the table and was crouched on all fours behind him. After motioning for Teldin to stay put, the gypsy thrust two fingers under his black mustache and blew. A shrill whistle cut through the clamor of the fight. At the signal, the purple-clad woman jumped onto the card table and began a sinuous, suggestive dance. Some of those fighters nearest the table stopped in midbrawl, oblivious to their own upraised fists or drawn daggers as they gaped at the sensuous display.

Teldin glanced down as small, feathered hands placed a dinner platter before him. He nodded his thanks to the serving wench, a penguinlike creature known as a dohwar, then he attacked his meal without giving the servant a second thought. A year earlier Teldin would have gaped at the dohwar like a farm lad at a two-headed calf, but he'd grown accustomed to encountering peculiar creatures on his travels. He was therefore startled by the involuntary shiver that ran down his spine when his gaze happened to settle on one of the tavern's other patrons.

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Daughter of the Drow (Forgotten Realms: Starlight and Shadows, Book 1) by Elaine Cunningham

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