By Eric L. Boyd

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This crucial complement is a significant other quantity to Faiths & Avatars and Powers & Pantheons, which unique the foundations through which deities functionality within the geographical regions. Demihuman Deities describes the demihuman religions and powers of the nation-states: these of the elves (including the drow), the dwarves, the gnomes and the halflings. every one access contains information regarding a deity's visual appeal, character, worshippers, portfolio, aliases, area identify, better, allies, foes, image, worshippers' alignments, avatar, manifestations, church and forte clergymen. the knowledge on those faiths comprises their middle dogma, daily actions of clergymen, holy days and critical ceremonies, significant facilities of worship, affiliated orders, and the priestly vestments and adventuring clothing of the participants of the clergy. eventually, every one access includes spells particular to every of the faiths.

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These offerings are always consumed in the flames of Lolth at some point in the ritual. If Lolth is particularly displeased, or impostors are present, the black-and-red flames that leap from the braziers to consume the offerings may also arc to consume other valuables present, such as magical items, jewelry, and clothing. Typically, Lolth's flames do little more than humiliate a burned priest, destroying his or her garments and dealing him or her 1d4 points of damage, but an impostor or intruder receives a searing flame attack that does 6d6 points of damage (half if a saving throw vs.

The drow radiations that permeate it transform its structures in such a way that sufficient exposure to heat to reforge chain mail causes it to instantly break down as if it had been exposed to sunlight. Drow in the Realms have embraced offshoots of the major faiths, usually following a charismatic mortal leader who claims to be something more. The only such cult known to be still active, albeit in a debased form, is the She-Spider Cult, a Thayan-based sect that tried to link worship of Shar with devotion to Lolth.

For every turn an elf remains in the haunted reverie, she or he loses 1 point of Intelligence in the first round, then 1 point of Wisdom in the second round, and then 1 point of Constitution in the third round. If any attribute drops to 0 (zero) in this manner, the elf's psyche is drawn into Kiaransalee's grasp, and the elf is permanently dead, beyond the reach of all magic save a wish spell. The Spider Queen, Queen of Spiders, Demon Queen of Spiders, Demon Queen of the Abyss, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Weaver of Chaos, the Hunted the Mother of Lusts, Dark Mother of All Drow, Lady of Spiders Intermediate Power of the Abyss CE PORTFOLIO: Spiders, evil, darkness, chaos, assassins, the drow race ALIASES: Araushnee, Lloth (Menzoberranzan and Uluitur), Megwandir, Moander, Zinzerena DOMAIN NAME: 66th level/Lolth's Web (the Demonweb Pits) SUPERIOR: None ALLIES: Loviatar, Malar, Selvetarm FOES: Deep Duerra, Eilistraee, Ghaunadaur, Gruumsh Ibrandul (dead), Kiaransaleen, Laduguer, Moander (dead), the Seldarine, Vhaeraun, Blibdoolpoolp, the Blood Queen, Diinkarazan, Diirinka, Great Mother, Gzemnid, Ilsensine, Ilxendren, Laogzed, Maanzecorian (dead), Psilofyr SYMBOL: Black spider with female drow head (at bottom of figure) or black cloak and short sword (Zinzerena aspect) WOR.

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