By Bill Slavicsek

ISBN-10: 078690447X

ISBN-13: 9780786904471

Doorways to the Unknown is a set of 4 PLANESCAPE adventures that may be performed individually or as a mini-campaign. while 4 doorways look within the Cage, the barmies move slowly out of the shadows, and the heroes get drawn into occasions which may have results for the complete multiverse. every one door ends up in a unique aircraft and a distinct lethal problem for the participant characters. jointly they provide the way to cease an historical risk earlier than it moves back.

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Of course, they also have to contend with agents working for the Athar and the Sign of One agents that are desperately trying to recover the street preacher for their own factions. 4 39 + You notice four suspicious-looking berks emergingfrom an alley across the street. They’re dressed alike, wearing black bandannas across the lower halves of their faces, black cops and gloves, and tight black outfits. They look around without spotting you and rush into the street. They’re all carrying tools of one sort or another.

It sets about its task with mechanical precision and an unwavering attitude. It doesn’t speak or communicate in any way save through combat. It fights until destroyed or somehow incapacitated. When the golem encounters the heroes, it’s busy hunting for Jerkot’s thugs. ) + 34 + 1 A + rn 1 G H . E AS WELL j u m p ’I’his scene concludes with Garmundi’s I BELIEVE! I WILL amazing disappearance. The heroes witness this last event either from the spot where they’ve been shackled or the place they ran to once-they escaped from the Hardheads.

Either way, the clock’s ticking. ) Every round, the bomb calls out another number. When it reaches 0, the bomb explodes. The heroes can either run or try to disarm the bomb. A thief (with a successful open locks check) or wizard (with a knock spell) can expose the bomb’s inner workings. A combination of spell components, crystals, and wires fill the case. A wizard can attempt an Intelligence check with a -3 penalty to notice that the wires correspond to the somatic components of afireball spell.

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by Anthony

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