By Jean Rabe

How some distance can a hero fall?
Far adequate to lose his soul?

Dhamon Grimwulf, as soon as a Hero of the center, has sunk right into a sour lifetime of crime and squalor. Now, because the nice dragon overlords of the 5th Age coldly plot to reinforce their rule and to damage their enemies, he needs to one way or the other locate the need to redeem himself. yet possibly it truly is too late.

Downfall marks the go back of Dhamon and different characters from writer Jean Rabe's bestselling Dragons of a brand new Age trilogy.

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Damnable kender, move! What’s all this about? ” “I ain’t no kender,” the small man spat. ” The large man smiled wide and brushed a lock of short ginger hair out of his eyes. “Public street,” he said, as he maneuvered himself in front of them just as they tried to cut around toward Dhamon and Rikali. Dhamon was back to back with Maldred in a fighting stance. Dhamon eased the sack of purloined treasure off his shoulder, setting it on the ground and taking a practice swing with his stolen blade. Satisfied, he readied himself for the men approaching from the other end of the street.

The mariner scowled—not from the lack of an answer or at the patient’s sorry appearance, though the latter was more than a little disconcerting—but from the smell that permeated the small room and clung to his nostrils. Rig swallowed and nearly gagged, a nasty taste settling in his mouth that he attributed to the odd odor. The heat made things worse, he decided. He was certainly miserable from it, his clothes drenched with sweat. This was the middle of an exceptionally hot summer, a month called the Dry-Heat by the area’s residents, and the air in this place felt brutally heavy and close.

Dhamon and Maldred braced the wagon against the door and locked the brake in place just as an axe-head started breaking through the wood. They heard scrabbling against the wall outside, as if someone were trying to climb the wall. They heard the strangled cry of a dwarf. Then a thump. “Try again. ” It was a human’s voice, though not Rig’s or Fiona’s. Probably one of the Legion of Steel Knights. ” It was Rig’s voice, laced with anger. “Move aside. ” “Not going to hold them for long,” Dhamon observed.

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Downfall (Dragonlance: The Dhamon Saga, Book 1) by Jean Rabe

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