By Keith Baker

ISBN-10: 0786941545

ISBN-13: 9780786941544

Secrets of Xen’drik™

Keith Baker
Jason Bulmahn Amber Scott

Here Be Monsters … and More

There’s an outdated announcing in Stormreach: “Great energy rests within the ruins of the past.” The shattered towns and tremendous dungeons of Xen’drik carry the secrets and techniques of numerous fallen empires. Legends converse of colossal landmarks, sunken treasure vaults, and forgotten areas suffused with robust magic. past the partitions of Stormreach, a complete continent waits to be rediscovered. yet watch out! negative monsters rule Xen’drik now, and explorers looking for gold or glory usually locate dying instead.

Inside this publication, you’ll locate every thing you must experience within the shattered continent of Xen’drik:

* accomplished evaluate of the continent of Xen’drik and the gateway urban of Stormreach
* New feats, status sessions, spells, gear, and magic items
* Encounters and magical destinations you could drop into your current campaign
* Ready-to-play adventures, monsters, and villains

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To learn a maneuver or stance, a dragon must permanently sacrifice a sorcerer spell slot of the same level. TRAVELER No Sovereign archetype is associated with the Traveler. The dragons maintain that this role has its roots in all Sovereign archetypes. They believe that fortune, invention, magic, and war are all aspects of this force of change, and all paths can lead to ascension to this role. indd 31 7/20/07 11:16:32 AM DRAGONS OF ARGONNESSEN TERRITORIES OF ARGONNESSEN The continent of Argonnessen is divided into four informal territories.

By now Azalakardon must be dead of old age, but his library has never been found. What traps guard this trove of knowledge? Vorel’arux: The Valley of Beauty is a meeting place where the dragons of the Tapestry come together to share ideas and conduct research. A lthough it is not a permanent residence, at least a dozen dragons can be found in the Valley. See page 52 for more information. DRAGONS OF ARGONNESSEN understanding of all knowledge, from magic to the physical sciences. Combined with their arrogance, these lofty aspirations could have disastrous results; humans aren’t the only ones who can reach for something beyond their grasp.

Throughout the great battle, the Eyes of Chronepsis and the Light of Siberys were conspicuous by their absence, a display of indifference they maintain to this day. As long as the Io’lokari are careful to stay within the boundaries of behavior proscribed for them when Io’vakas was new, the Conclave seems content to leave the city be. However, both the Io’lokari and the Keepers accept that the city exists at the Conclave’s whim. If any nondragons seek the forbidden lore of dragonkind once again, or should any yuan-ti presence be again tolerated, no force of will or lesser magic will be enough to save them.

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Dragons of Eberron (Dungeon & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Eberron Setting) by Keith Baker

by Richard

New PDF release: Dragons of Eberron (Dungeon & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy
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